Welded integral structure woodworking forming milling cutter

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Welded integral structure forming milling cutter

    In the processing technology of wood products, various wood-based panels and various wood-modified materials have been widely used in recent years.

    as a substrate. In order to meet the cutting processing requirements of these materials, high hardness and high heat resistance are used.

    Tool materials, including surface-enhanced inserts or welding of the teeth to the tool body

    The integral milling cutter formed on the top is shown in the figure.

    Welded Solid Carbide Slot Mills


    Since this kind of milling cutter needs to be re-sharpened, in order to not change (or change as little as possible) the original design shape and size of the milling cutter after sharpening, in the manufacturer specializing in the production of blades, it is refined into cemented carbide of various shapes and specifications The blade, the tool manufacturer welds it on the cutter body to form an integral welded milling cutter.

    In order to prevent the diamond grinding wheel used for sharpening the blade and the affinity of the iron group material (knife body) from clogging the grinding wheel, in general, the welding blade protrudes from the blade body by 1~1.5mm. In order to make the cutting amount of the blade uniform, the cutting movement is stable, and the quality of the machined surface is improved, the tooth edge is generally ground into a relief angle of 10°~15°, a rake angle of 25°~35°, and a wedge angle of 40°~ 55° slope. Another new structure of the solid-welded carbide milling cutter is to have a limiter for the amount of cutting per tooth, which is located in front of the cutter teeth, and has the same contour shape as the cutter teeth, but is 0.5~1.0mm lower than the tooth tip; if each tooth is When the feed rate is larger than this value, the limiter will touch the workpiece. The characteristic of this milling cutter is that the cutting force changes

    Small size, stable and safe work, especially suitable for manual feed machine tools, as shown in the figure.

    The relative position of the oblique grinding direction of the front of the tooth and the facing layer

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