Selection of CNC lathes for graphite milling and high-efficiency and low-consumption PCD milling cutters

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Due to the brittleness of graphite materials, high-speed processing of graphite is not like plastic metal materials through plastic deformation to obtain band-shaped or nodular chips to achieve material removal, but through the impact, crushing and peeling of the graphite surface material by the tool. The material is brittle fracture to generate chip particles or powder to achieve. The fine-grained dust chips generated in the process of graphite cutting have a great influence on the service life and machining accuracy of machine tools and tools. If graphite dust enters the spindle, it will cause unstable clamping, reduced spindle bearing life and tool life, increased downtime, and reduced workpiece dimensional accuracy. For high-speed machining centers, due to the high spindle speed, unstable clamping will cause great inertial centrifugal force, and even cause tool breakage, which will not only cause waste, but also bring danger to operators and machine tools. Graphite dust entering the machine tool will aggravate the wear of the sliding surface of the machine, and entering the feed system will cause the wear of the lead screw and linear guide. Graphite is a good conductive material. When graphite dust enters the data line interface, it will affect data transmission. After entering the CNC system, it will affect its sensitivity and reliability, and even cause a short circuit in the electrical system to cause production accidents.

    In addition to the basic functions of a general-purpose high-speed machining machine, the graphite-specific high-speed machining machine must also consider the following three aspects: 1: Dust-proof sealing of the main shaft and feed system; 2: The working area of the machine tool is completely covered by a splash guard and a top plate. Sealing; 3: The built-in powerful vacuum cleaning device of the machine tool discharges the dust generated during processing out of the working area and collects it into a plastic recycling bag for unified treatment.


    There is a saying that a good horse is equipped with a good saddle, and when choosing the right machine tool, you must choose the right machining tool.

    Valin super hard PCD special milling cutter

    In order to solve the problems faced by domestic manufacturers such as high graphite cost, poor mechanical properties, brittle material, difficult processing and fast tool wear, Zhengzhou Valin Superhard has continuously tested and developed diamond (PCD) materials of CDW302, CDW010 and CDW025. ) milling cutter, which can be used for milling, drilling and engraving of graphite plates.

    Why choose Valin superhard PCD special milling cutter?

    The cutting edge is sharp, durable and wear-resistant, and the material has ultra-high hardness and wear-resistance, so it is not prone to chipping during processing, which greatly reduces the number of tool changes during processing and improves the production efficiency of manufacturers;

    In order to reduce the resistance generated in the cutting process of the tool, the high-speed cutting edge is designed, and the efficiency is higher than before;

    The cutting speed is 3 times higher than that of cemented carbide tools on the market, which can meet the high-speed machining center's high-volume, high-precision and high-efficiency processing requirements;


    The life of Valin superhard milling cutter is dozens of times that of conventional carbide cutters, and its performance is also more stable.

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