Turbine Shell Tool

Release time:2022-05-04    Click:175

The English name of turbocharged is Turbo. Generally speaking, if we see Turbo or T at the rear of the car, it means that the engine used in the car is a turbocharged engine. The turbocharger is mainly composed of a turbine and a volute. The volute has a complex shape and requires materials with good castability and good high temperature performance. The working temperature of automotive engine turbochargers is as high as 800-900 °C, and special vehicle engines are required. The working temperature of the supercharger is as high as 900-950 ℃. With the improvement of the performance requirements of the engine, the working temperature of the turbocharger will be further increased. The material of the turbocharger is required to have good high temperature oxidation resistance. This is certainly not a test for knives.


  The tools corresponding to the complex shape of the turbine shell and the special characteristics of the material will also be changed. We will provide customized services, give you a processing plan on site, and provide you with the most cost-effective tools.

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