Turbine Blade Milling Inserts

Release time:2022-05-04    Click:157

    The blade is the key part of the steam turbine and one of the most delicate and important parts. It withstands the combined action of high temperature, high pressure, huge centrifugal force, steam force, steam excitation force, corrosion and vibration, and water droplet erosion in the wet steam area under extremely harsh conditions. It is the key component of the energy conversion of the entire steam turbine and determines The working efficiency and safety and reliability of the steam turbine.


    In the selection of blade materials, 12%-13% Cr stainless steel containing Mo, W, Nb, B, Ni and other strengthening elements is mostly used. This kind of material has good vibration resistance and corrosion resistance, but it is also a kind of difficult Therefore, Etna paid special attention to the heat dissipation performance and wear resistance of the blade in research and development.


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